3 Small Changes That Can Add Extra Storage to Your Back Yard

Storage always poses a challenge for homeowners, who often must cram all of their extra items into attics and small storage closets. Storing lawn care items proves even more challenging, since gasoline-bearing items like mowers and weed eaters can’t be stored in indoor locations. Some homeowners cram them into garages, but what if you don’t have a garage? Or you’d like to use your garage to safely store your cars when they aren’t in use?

Fortunately, there are some options that can add extra storage space for your outdoorsy items while still letting you park your cars in your garage. You can either put these items together yourself or purchase one of the many pre-manufactured items available at your local hardware store.

Storage Shed

Many homeowners find the best option for outdoor storage is a storage shed. You don’t have to set up a full-size storage barn in your back yard to enjoy the benefits of this type of storage. There are much smaller options designed to rest against the back of your house, out of the way and out of sight. These smaller storage cabinets won’t be large enough to hold all of your garden items, however, so you may need something larger.

Before beginning your search for the perfect storage shed for your backyard, be sure you check with your homeowners association to see what’s permitted. If sheds are prohibited, it’s best to know before you purchase one. There are many different styles of sheds available, as well as plans that will walk you through building your own.

Wooden Storage Bench

A more subtle option may be a wooden storage bench, which will hold your gardening tools and other outdoor accessories. You can set this bench up on your deck or near your garden and even paint it to match your existing décor. In addition to providing a handy place to store items, this option also gives you extra seating for your family and guests.

If you’d prefer, you can instead build your own storage benches. This can be added to your existing decking and stained to match, giving your home additional appeal if you decide to sell it.

Garage Shelving

If you have a garage, you likely have at least a little space that you can use for storage. Using shelving, you can make the most of unused wall space, going as high as the ceiling. If you have enough room, you can even add the same sort of storage cabinetry you can purchase for your back yard.

If your garage is attached to your house, you should be aware that having your mower close to your house can be a fire hazard. Ideally, your mower will be stored away from your house, but even if you keep it in a storage shed, it could be close enough to damage your home. Follow these safety recommendations to keep your home safe.

If your home is limited on storage space, these options could be the answer you’re seeking. Whether you choose a DIY option or purchase a storage unit at a hardware store, you have plenty of options. A little creativity can keep your outdoor items tucked safely away while also adding to the visual appeal of your backyard.