6 Ways to Stage Your Home on a Tight Budget

Staging your home is a must when selling. Properly prepping a house for the market will not only help to sell the place faster, but also for more money. While there are a few different aspects to home staging, the foundation of it all is simple: attract as many buyers as possible.

If you’re on a tight budget that doesn’t allow for hiring a professional to stage your home for you, don’t fret. There are a bunch of things you can do to stage your home, many of which cost nothing at all.

Consider these tips to boost your home’s esthetic appeal without breaking the bank.

1. Clean and De-Clutter

The first thing that a seller needs to do even before taking photos of the home and listing it for sale is to thoroughly clean and de-clutter the place from top to bottom. No one wants to walk into a home that’s got dirty dishes in the sink, stains on the carpet, unmade beds, filthy windows or cat litter that hasn’t been changed in days. A house that’s totally pristine will present itself a lot better than a dirty one.

Every item in the home should be put in its proper spot. And even after the floors and counters are cleared, a deep cleaning job is still needed. Buyers want to see gleaming floors, shiny counters and crystal-clear windows when they walk into a home they might consider buying.

The number one thing that home buyers think of when they’re in a home is whether or not they think the place is clean. A dirty house will simply be a turn-off. Make sure every spot is cleaned out – buyers will look everywhere.


2. Depersonalize the Place

This is a tough one for many home sellers, but depersonalizing a home can do wonders to appeal to home buyers. You’ve got to make it look as if the home has almost never been lived in. Buyers want to be able to see themselves living there, and calling the place home. They don’t want to feel as if they’re just moving in with another family.

Just about every family photo and keepsake should be packed up. Anything that personalizes the home should be taken out of view. Things like these will only distract a buyer, and make it more difficult for them to see themselves living there. The house itself needs to be the center of attention, not your family life.


3. Give Your Home a Paint Job

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your home a facelift, and it’s also one the best ways to maximize your return on investment. For a couple hundred bucks in paint, you can get rid of stains and scuffs on the walls, and cover up any questionable colors.

When selling, your best bet is to paint the home a neutral color, such as beige or pale grey. You want to be able to attract the masses, and you probably won’t be able to do that by painting the walls in electric blue or psychedelic purple. Stick to a neutral palette to appeal to more home buyers.


4. Lighten the Space Up

Buyers don’t exactly want to walk into a house that resembles more of a dungeon than a home. They want to see a place that’s light and bright, not dark and dingy. Lighting up the space as much as possible will not only make the home feel more inviting, it will also help to highlight how well you’ve cared for your home (see step #1).

Don’t be shy about turning on all the lamps, and opening up all the blinds. Even the light above the stove and in closets should be turned on before a showing. Let the light shine in.


5. Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is THE room in the house that gets the most attention from home buyers. It’s one of those spaces in a home that can really add – or take away – value in a property. You want to make sure your kitchen presents itself well.

A few simple, affordable tasks can be undertaken in order to give this important room a new look. Depending on how much you’re able to spend, you might want to consider replacing the faucet, countertops, and cabinet knobs. If you’re budget is super tight, consider adding a couple of pendant lights and repainting the cabinet doors. Simple changes like these are quick, cheap, and super effective.

6. Freshen Up the Bathrooms

If your bathrooms have any rusty faucets, cracked sinks, peeling wallpaper, or outdated shower curtains, you might want to invest in a couple of bucks to give these rooms a simple makeover. You don’t have to blow your budget doing it either – you can probably replace your sink, faucet, and shower curtains for less than $500. And a new paint job will cost next to nothing.

Hang fresh new towels, add scented candles, and stash all your toiletries under the sink so they’re out of sight. A clean, bright, updated bathroom can go a long way in impressing buyers.


Before you even think of taking any pictures and listing your home for sale, you’ve got to make sure it looks presentable first. After all, first impressions are crucial. By following these home staging tips, you can make your home more visually appealing to buyers, and get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.