4 Past Design Trends That Will Give Your Home Extra Charm

While today’s design trends are extremely appealing, homeowners can sometimes long for something extra. Garden tubs, tile showers, and stainless steel appliances in open-plan homes are all eye pleasing, but what sets one home apart from the next? Many subdivisions have alternating versions of the same floor plans, which has left neighborhoods with cookie-cutter home styles.

Whether homeowners are renovating or redecorating, there are a few design trends that can set a home apart from the others in the neighborhood. By looking to the classic design styles used by our ancestors, we can get ideas that will add a little extra charm to even the most contemporary home.

Clawfoot Tub

Although many of us don’t realize it, at one time the clawfoot tub was considered a luxury afforded only the wealthy. In the 1800s, clawfoot tubs were made from expensive materials like cast iron and porcelain, putting them out of reach of the average family’s budget. Today’s clawfoot tubs are crafted from much less expensive materials. You can even find clawfoot tubs with shower heads and circular shower curtains to give you the bath/shower option you want in each of your bathrooms.

Antique Furniture

Even if your house looks identical to your next-door neighbor’s, you can completely transform it through the use of unique pieces of furniture. Antiques are a great way to give a room a style all its own, whether you’re choosing a 1920s Bakers cabinet for your kitchen or a mahogany table for your entryway. For best results, take your time furnishing your home, regularly browsing local antique stores and estate sales for unique pieces to add to your collection.

Lava Lamps

For a brief time in the 70s, lava lamps were all the rage. You don’t see them very often these days, making it an ideal addition to the Mad Men-inspired furniture showing up in offices and homes today. You can find lava lamps in stores like Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond and add them to your rec rooms and bedrooms for ambiance.

Chrome Table

If you’ve ever spent time in a 50s diner, you’ve gotten an up close and personal look at chrome tables. True retro chrome tables feature chrome along the edge of the table with a colored tabletop that has subtle designs. To create an even more intense retro look, accent your chrome table with brightly-colored chairs and 50s-style napkin holders and salt shakers. If you don’t want to commit to turning your entire breakfast nook into a retro-themed area, implement the idea in your game room or on your back patio.

No matter how beautiful your home is, you probably long for something to set it apart from the many other houses in your neighborhood. By borrowing from past design trends, you can make your home stand out and create a more enjoyable space for your family and visitors. Whether you simply choose to purchase a few design pieces or renovate part of your space, even small things can make a big difference.