Update Your Ceiling Fan with These Trendy Options

Ceiling fans have become staples in homes, helping with air circulation and adding to the décor of a room. Although, over time a ceiling fan can easily become dated, displaying decorating trends from decades past.

Replacing a ceiling fan is fairly simple, especially for someone who is comfortable with do-it-yourself projects. Once you’ve become comfortable with the steps required, you’ll learn that you can dramatically change the look of a room with a ceiling fan that matches the overall look of your room. Here are a few unique ideas to consider for your own house.

Go Vintage

update ceiling fans_vintage fan

The brushed-nickel ceiling fan mimics the look of vintage floor fans, making it the perfect look for a kitchen or room with vintage décor. It is also available in a restoration bronze finish to make an even stronger statement. For a more outdoorsy feel, a bamboo-based ceiling fan like the Minka-Aire F580 provides an interesting touch to any room.

Add a Masculine Touch

update ceiling fans

If you’re adding a fan to a bonus room or man cave, there are plenty of options available. If you’re a fan of aviation, you can find plenty of ceiling fans that run with that theme, including designs from Minka Aire, Irene H, and Acqua. If you’re into cars, this automotive air filter-themed ceiling fan could be a fun way to spruce up a room.

Show Your Interests

update ceiling fans_multi colored fan

For your younger family members—or young-at-heart grownups—there are many ceiling fan options that show off your interest. You can show off your love for sports or wine or history. Or save yourself the work of upgrading with some fun ceiling fan skins that can liven up any room.

Add Charm

update ceiling fans_victorian fan

Each of your rooms likely already has a look and a ceiling fan can only add to that. This ceiling fan brings the charm of the Victorian era to an outdoor area, while this fan brings bright colors to your ceilings. If you have a contemporary look in a room that you want to enhance, a classy black and white fan could make a big difference. As you build the look of a room, search for a fan that enhances the look rather than detracts from it.

Escape from Stress

update ceiling fans_tropical fan

Today’s seascape- and island-themed rooms are designed to serve as a way to mimic the feel of being on vacation every day. Tropical fans will add to the look of indoor and outdoor areas, while rustic ceiling fans will instantly transport you to your favorite mountain cabin. After a long day, you could kick back and relax, looking at your new ceiling fan and imagining you’re in your favorite vacation spot.

If your ceiling fans are outdated or worn out, there are plenty of options for new fans that can add to your décor. Whether you want to express your personal interests, you can find the perfect fan to fit each room of your house. Once you’ve learned how easy it is to switch out a ceiling fan, you’ll feel inspired to regularly reevaluate the fans in your home and determine whether an upgrade is a good idea.