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Big Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Small House

Small houses offer the promise of a simpler life with less material possessions, less maintenance, and a lower mortgage. Despite the benefits there are some tradeoffs that warrant consideration. Before taking the plunge, it’s definitely worth thinking about the pros and cons of going small in the world of real estate.

Beware: 5 Things That Jack Up Your Home Insurance Premium

After you’ve landed your dream home, you’ll now have to protect it – and everything in it – through home insurance. The price for premiums isn’t going to be the same for every home owner, nor will it come cheap.

Your insurance premiums will determine how much you pay every month – and how much you have to pay will depend on a few variables.…

Need a Handyman? 3 Easy to Use Resources for Your Home Improvement Projects

After living in a home for awhile you’ll inevitably need to do renovations to upgrade outdated spaces or fix internal or external issues. Whether an area of your house has fallen into disrepair, you need more storage, or you just want to make your living space more contemporary, simple and quick remodeling projects are a great way to make your home more enjoyable.…

How to Entertain Multiple Offers on Your Home

It’s a seller’s dream getting multiple offers pouring in all at the same time. However, when it comes time to evaluate these offers and pick the best one, suddenly things become a lot more challenging.

Here are some guidelines to evaluating multiple offers so you wind up with the best one.

How to Identify Over-Priced Homes

Regardless of what the real estate market is like, competitively priced homes will simply stimulate more attention and inevitably sell faster than homes that are not appropriately priced. Many times homes that are competitively priced are garnering multiple offers, and often leave more money on the table compared to what the listing price called for.…

Grilling Out This Summer? Here’s How To Update Your Back Yard

As the weather heats up, homeowners almost always gravitate toward their back yards, inviting friends and family over for cookouts and holiday parties. If you’re lucky, you’ve created an oasis that makes gatherings more enjoyable. Even if you don’t have the nicest back yard in town, you can add little touches that will make your get-togethers more fun for everyone.…