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House Passes Bill to Protect Mortgage Industry Experts and Homebuyers Under New Mortgage Disclosure Rules

On October 3rd, the House passed bipartisan legislation to eliminate delays for homebuyers closing on their new homes

The bill, named the Homebuyers Assistance Act, passed 303-121 with bipartisan support, and is now headed to the Senate, followed by an imminent threat of veto from the White House.…

What is an “Umbrella Policy,” and Do I Need One?

Do you need to purchase home insurance when you buy a property?

You should – just about every mortgage lender will need to see proof of property insurance in order for a loan to be approved. And even if you don’t need or have a mortgage, having home insurance is definitely money well-spent in case your home is ever burglarized, vandalized, or is victim of a flood or fire.…

More Americans Moving Back to the City, Flipping Suburban Migration Trends

It used to be that folks would flee the big city in favor of suburbs in an effort to combat the sky-high real estate prices that urban centers traditionally have. People would be willing to spend more money in fuel and more time commuting to the city in order to reap the benefits of cheaper housing and cost of living.…

Can’t Be Missed Brunch Hotspots in Orange County

In the food world, brunch is America’s favorite past time. Who doesn’t love a Sunday brunch, or better yet, one with bottomless mimosas? It’s a wonderful way to spend a leisurely morning, and it’s the kind of meal that really does bring people together.…

10 Ways Your Home Looks Outdated – and How to Fix Them

If you can’t even remember the last time you made a change to the decor in your home, most likely there is something in there that could use a facelift. What may have been the cool thing back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s is probably an eye sore today.

Here are 10 features that are definitely making your home look dated, along with simple solutions on how to update them.