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What You Should Know About Easements Before You Buy

There are literally dozens of real estate terms that you should probably understand before you sign a purchase agreement, and one of the more important ones is “easements.”

You might be alarmed to find out after you’ve bought a home that it’s actually not entirely private – you might actually be legally obligated to share part of your property with the neighbor or let the local utility company waltz onto your yard to erect a telephone pole or bury a pipe.

New Mortgage Disclosure Rule Arms Buyers

As of October 1st, home buyers will be armed with more information about their mortgages, and will be given more time to review their mortgage rate and fee quote documents.

Right now, the law requires borrowers to fill out two disclosure forms when applying for a home loan.

10 Amazing Apps That Will Make Your Next House Move a Breeze

Gearing up for a move in the near future? Everyone who’s been in the middle of a real estate transaction knows that the process can be stressful – from the selling and buying process, to the move itself. That’s why any little bit of help in this department is much appreciated and welcomed.…

Unique Fall Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Once the kids are back in school and the long summer days began to grow shorter and shorter, homeowners begin thinking about fall. First comes the change in leaves that completely alters the landscape, followed soon after by Halloween. The next month brings Thanksgiving, which often involves visiting relatives.

Update Your Ceiling Fan with These Trendy Options

Ceiling fans have become staples in homes, helping with air circulation and adding to the décor of a room. Although, over time a ceiling fan can easily become dated, displaying decorating trends from decades past.

Replacing a ceiling fan is fairly simple, especially for someone who is comfortable with do-it-yourself projects.

Should You Get a Mortgage With an Online Lender?

Back in the day, home buyers would head off to their central banks to get the mortgage they needed to finalize a purchase on a home. But these days, there are a myriad of options for buyers to choose from when it comes to obtaining a home loan.

Online mortgage companies are popping up everywhere, many times offering excellent mortgage rates and making the application process as simple and convenient as possible.