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Would You Buy the Sandlot House Today If The Beast Was Still In The Yard?

Well, would you?

Massive spoilers ensue, but this movie is 25 years old. No excuses.

Sandlot is an American cinematic staple. Who can forget our gang of baseball-loving adolescent misfits? From Smalls’ quest for acceptance to Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez’ continued athletic dominance to Ham’s unforgettable one-liners, the Sandlot crew has embedded itself in our country’s national conscience for good reason.…

5 Ways to Revamp Your Home’s Most Underused Spaces

It’s a common theme: families tend to spend most of their time in only a few rooms of their homes, leaving the rest of the rooms hardly used. There’s a solution for wasted space: repurposing your rooms. Just because a specific room was originally meant for a certain purpose doesn’t mean is has to stay that way forever.…

5 Attractive Furniture Options That Charge Your Electronics

No matter where you are in your house, your smartphone or tablet is likely on hand. When your battery runs low, though, finding a charging cable and plugging your device in can be difficult. You could leave a cable in each room, but hiding unsightly cables from view brings even more challenges.

Are the Sellers Trying to Hide Something From You With Their Home Staging?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional home stager to prepare a home for the market. In fact, it’s encouraged. Presenting a home in the best light possible can help potential buyers picture themselves living in the space, and better the see the home’s best attributes.

5 of the World’s Hottest Luxury Real Estate Markets

While cities like New York, London and Paris still make the list of some of the world’s hottest luxury real estate markets, sales have cooled somewhat. This makes room for other international cities to emerge on the list of markets boasting spiked values in luxury homes.

Need Creative Storage? Try Decorative Book Boxes

No matter how much space we have in our closets, attics, and garages, we seem to never have enough room to store everything. Items like Christmas decorations and baby clothes are stuffed into plastic storage bins and stacked away where we hope nobody will ever see them.…