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Tips to Creating an Efficient Home Office

There are definitely perks to working from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to fight a busy commute, deal with cranky co-workers, or even get changed out of your PJ’s. Instead, you can roll out of bed and take a few steps to your conveniently located home office and get to work.

9 Things to Consider When Adding an Addition to Your Home

Is your family growing out of your home? Do you need extra space to accommodate your changing needs? If so, you may have either thought about moving or adding an addition.

If you love the area you’re living in and would rather stay put, adding an addition might be the better alternative, as long as you’ve considered all options.

How to Create a More Sustainable Home

The average household wastes 51 MMBtu’s every year, and a typical home wastes about 30% more energy than an energy-efficient home does. What’s more, the average household creates 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day.

That’s a lot of garbage and a lot of energy wasted.

Myths and Facts About Selling Your First Home

Everyone will give you their own piece of advice when it comes to successfully selling a home. But not all advice is necessarily sound advice.

There are plenty of myths floating around out there when it comes to selling real estate. So what should you believe, and what should you take with a grain of salt?