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Investing Locally Vs. Long-Distance: What’s Better?

Hands holding a wooden model home with an open laptop

Investing in real estate – it’s been done forever, and it’s one of the tried-and-true ways of building sustainable wealth over the long term.

But the property you invest in can make or break any profits you make. It’ll also play a key role in the amount of hassle you have to endure to manage the property.…

6 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For The Holiday Season

Golden Christmas decorations with large details and a beautiful matching presents

The holidays are typically marked with all sorts of festive decorations, but perhaps none is more prominent and attention-grabbing than a Christmas Tree. When it comes to decorating your tree, you don’t necessarily have to break out the same old decorations year after year.…

6 Signs Your Home Has a Drainage Problem

Roofer cleaning a rain gutter with an orange glove on

It’s no secret that any water that’s pooled in any part of your home will cause nothing but problems. And if there are drainage issues in your home, you’ll likely experience these problems pretty quickly. That’s why it’s critical that any drainage issues be nipped in the bud before they turn into total catastrophe.…

Private Showings Vs. Open Houses: Which Wins?

Real estate agent showing a couple around new home

Looking for a new home? Before you sign on the dotted line, you’re going to want to have a chance or two to scope out a few homes in detail first. That means you’ll either want to schedule a private showing, or visit an open house. But which route should you take to find out if that home is right for you?…

Clever Moving Tips to Cut Down on Time and Hassle

A young father having fun with his daughter while pushing her in a moving box

Just the mere thought of having to pack the entire house and move it all to a new destination can seem like a daunting task. And it can be if you don’t plan ahead and use simple yet effective strategies to ease the burden. Here are 8 savvy packing and moving tips to make the haul a cinch.…

The Dangers of Over-Improving Your Home

Interior designer working on hand drawing sketches on plan blueprints

Is there such thing as having a home that’s too good for its surrounding neighborhood?

Sure, most homeowners want their home to be up-to-date and attractive, and often that means making some changes and improvements to it. But while many projects can have positive effects on the functionality of a home, its visual esthetics, and the overall value of the property, others, on the other hand, are just over-the-top, and can actually have a negative impact on how prospective buyers see your home.…

Emergency Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know About

A woman checks the fire extinguisher expiration date at home

Owning and maintaining a home doesn’t come with an instruction manual, though it would be great if it did. After you’ve found the home you love and moved in, the real fun starts.

But sometimes the fun can be rudely interrupted by certain scenarios that can put the home – and even you and your family – at risk.…

Using Price-Per-Square-Foot Analysis to Price a Home

Close up of a mans hand with a pencil calculating with a small home model

Listing your home at the right price is critical. Pricing too high or too low can keep your home on the market a lot longer than you’d like, and can even leave thousands of dollars on the table.

Comparing what other similar homes in the neighborhood recently sold for is the more popular way of coming up with an accurate listing price in residential real estate; however, there are other ways to measure value.…